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The Best All-in-One Website Provider

I know this is update already sounds like a sales pitch, but if you’re truly looking to start a website, whether it be a personal blog or some type of presence for your company, then you should heed some advice.

The company we personally go with and vouch for is Namecheap. Keep in mind their service is different from that of Wix or GoDaddy because Namecheap doesn’t provide the costly website builder templates. It’s important to note that going with Namecheap isn’t necessarily perfect for newbies when it comes to building the actual websites, but even just registering the domain name with Namecheap over other providers can save you a chunk of money. If you want to make your site yourself and you are not technically savvy at all, then a SquareSpace or GoDaddy might fit the bill better, but in the end will cost you heaps more.

There are many sites that offer coupons for the various big name providers out there, which of course will include at least one Namecheap coupon code that you could use. They have coupons for just about anything you need to do like host the site, register the name, renew the name, email accounts, you name it.

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